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Successfully practicing social security disability for over 20 years

Are you facing tough financial situations due to a disability? Were you injured due to someone else's negligence? With Diana Olson Delaney's affordable legal services, you can bring your case to court or file the paperwork you need to access the financial relief you need.

Contingency payments are available

FREE phone consultations

Are you're worried about spending a fortune in legal fees only to come up without a recovery? With Diana Olson Delaney's legal services you can say good-bye to that situation. Diana Olson Delaney's office operates under a contingency payment basis, meaning that you won't pay unless you win a recovery.

If you're unsure about the viability of your case you can call our office and receive a FREE phone consultation. Diana Olson Delaney will answer whatever questions you have so you can move forward with your personal injury or Social Security case.

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